Live Event Interpreters: The United States & Mexico Bar Association Case Study

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Our dedicated community of translation experts are helping companies around the globe tackle the complex world of language. Here’s another great example of how our quality translations make an international presence possible. Hosting annual conferences for their members, the United States & Mexico Bar Association noticed the importance of accurate communication in Spanish and English […]

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How to Translate Legal Documents in Any Major Language

In this day and age, it’s clear that having reliable legal translations are an absolute necessity. In this fast-paced, global economy, some risks simply cannot be taken as we adapt to meet customer needs; especially when working towards complete legal localization. The process of translating legal documentation requires a lot of experience and familiarity with […]

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Celebrating Language with International Translation Day

In our community, we celebrate language and translation every single day. Without the communication barriers that translation breaks through, we’d all be isolated. Once a year, however, an official day of celebration is recognized across the world: International Translation Day, September 30th. In the 1950’s, this day was established as an opportunity to “pay tribute to the […]

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